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Omori Mystery Packs!

Omori Mystery Packs!

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**DISCLAIMER** I only have the Beach print in stock! New prints will be coming in 2024.

Standard Mystery Pack:

1 Pokemori Card

1 DW Enamel Pin

1 SMASH Sticker

1 Print

2 Bonus Stickers

Deluxe Mystery Pack:

2 Pokemori Cards

1 DW Enamel Pin

1 RW Enamel Pin

2 SMASH Stickers

1 Print

3 Bonus Stickers

B-Grade Mystery Pack:

1 Standard Print

1 B- Grade RW OR DW Enamel Pin

3 B-Grade SMASH Stickers

4 Bonus Stickers

B-grade Omori Enamel Pins include errors such as: Missing enamel, incorrectly placed enamel (mainly with regards to RW Sunny's pupils), and noticeable scratches.

B-grade Omori SMASH Stickers include errors such as: Incorrect colours, hand-cut rather than die cut, off-center cuts, Mewo w/ no face (for the Omori sticker), and 2 small holes poked in the sticker (for the Mari sticker).

(You can see in the image that the incorrect colour is the purple being much more red rather than blue, this is the most common error).

Bonus stickers range from 1-2 inches.

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